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For 20 years almost to the day, I was a Children's Author (note the caps). As a CA, I published around 45 books for children of various ages, a fair bundle of stories, and a number of 'educational texts'. Books of mine were translated into over twenty languages, only sixteen of which I speak. During their writing I visited a great many schools and libraries to talk about them, was interviewed by young fans on Blue Peter, and read extracts from the stages and marquees of a number of literary festivals.

But that was then. These days I'm just a writer (lower case 'w'), writing mainly for myself. No audience, no editors, no haggling over contracts and percentages, no arguments about what should go into a story and what should not. And let me tell you, it's quite liberating. So I thought I would build a website to mention some of the recent stuff that I've been working on (along with a few of the older things). And this is it. If you've a mind to, click the panels below and take a poke around.

A personal memoir of my days and nights as a young photographer in London and elsewhere

Unpublished fiction

produced for myself alone

Aldous U is my songwriting alias. The Collective is any combination of stray musicians and instruments that I can get to work in my favour.

ML Readings

The writer as Delius Gripe,

one of his unwanted characters.

Click the pic to meet Delius!

Half a century and more

of covert writings


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