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For twenty years almost to the day, I was a children's author. In those two decades I wrote a fair bundle of stories, a quantity of 'educational texts', and around 45 books of various kinds, from picture books for the very young to novels for teenagers. Books of mine were translated into over 20 languages, only sixteen of which I speak. One (Young Dracula) was the inspiration for five BBC-TV series.

But that was then. These days I write a very different kind of book, mostly for myself rather than any perceived audience. These are not children's books. So I thought I would build a little website to mention some of the stuff I've been working on (along with a few other things). And here it is. If you've a mind to, click the panels below and take a poke aroun

See also, my songs and poems site: www.casualtables.com

The writer as Delius Gripe,

one of his unwanted characters.

Click the pic to meet Delius!

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